I missed you today

I missed you again today.
Lost, in my thought of that lack of reality.
I miss you again today,
lost in daydreams of my old personality.

I missed that time and missed the frame
I missed my desires, of saying your name.
I missed your hugs, and missed your touch.
I was reminded of how, i still miss you so much.

I missed the way you held me,
I missed the way it would feel.
I missed your hands on me,
Missed the illusion unreal.

I missed the connection
it was me and you.
I missed all the laughter,
We'd share as two.

I missed the long nights
when i knew nothing but your heart.
I missed what we were,
in the very very start.

I still miss you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is to my ex-girlfriend. I have thought of her lately, and we are still friends. I thought I would write what I been going through. even know i'm still not attempting to be with her, i miss her.

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