The Vampire


The vampire lay in his coffin

Awaiting the return of night

When the bats fly

And the wolves howl

It is then he will take flight

A beautiful, young girl

His first victim of the night

Her blood will satisfy him soon

Oh yes, he'll drain her life

And there she is...

So young

So pretty

With long brown hair

And a beautiful smile

Could it be that he'll take pity?

Surely not

She walks into the woods

On her journey home

Soon she'll hear her parents calling

"Jeannie, where have you gone"?

She picks up her pace

Not wanting to upset them

And then this vampire

Catches her scent

Oh yes, the game is on

He lands behind her and calls to her

"Excuse me, young maiden"

Jeannie turns to look at him

"Yes sir, what is it you need"?

"I only need to talk to you for a minute

A minute that will change your life"

"How could you do that in a minute"?

"Oh, you'll soon see"

And in an instant the vampire

Had her in his clutches

And she struggled to get free

She called for help

But no one came

All her fighting was in vain it seems

For the vampire did sink his fangs

Into Jeannie's neck

Draining her blood

Transforming her

Into one of the undead

"You're one of us now, child"

"Go into the night and be free"

"Feed upon the blood of humans"

"It is your destiny"

With that, he left her to her own

To figure out what to do

As she was now a vampire

Set to explore her world

It may not be this night, or next

But Jeannie's gonna come for you..

You'd better pray she never finds you

Or your life will end, too.

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