Now You See Me

I am no David Copperfield

But I do plan to amaze, 

Watch closely now

And don't avert your gaze. 

For my words shall fly across the page

Like a dove taking flight

Dont think that they wont disappear

cause in this act they might.

I am no Mystical Houdini

Ready to yank a rabbit from my hat

Nor cut my own body in half

There is no way i can do that.


But what I CAN DO

Is the real magic....

Though it may not rhyme



I want you to imagine central park

Smell the fresh cut grass

As lawn mowers cut across 

A pristine lawn.

Hear the laughter of children

Playing marco polo without the water

See the cryst clear water that 

Falls from the fountain

Hear the violin playing 

Music fit for a concert hall

As the notes rise and fall like

The joined voices or lovers

reciting there vows

Witness me as i stand above you

A normal girl nothing special

But one whose words inspire

Who paints pictures in your minds

As if you experienced it also

Now i want you to close your eyes....

And count to three...

Then open them and what do you see?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem makes no sense... So it makes perfect sense....

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