A Fathers Blessing

My body is filled with pain, anger, sorrow and confusion.  It feels as though I have a heart no more, my soul all but gone.

My body empty and just passing time.  My mind wandering through a world of darkness, trying to recall the last glimpse of light. Hope, is all but lost?  Do I have the will to keep going?  It seems as though the harder I push to find hope, a glimpse of light, the more it hurts. The darkness consuming even more of my mind and body.

Then you came into my life. A miracle, a gift from God. A true blessing.  As you grew in your mothers womb, the excitement grew. I would lay at nights talking, singing to you.  I would feel you kick, and I would feel a burst of warmth, hope shoot through my veins.

Then the day finally came, The day you were born.  A day that I will never forget.  When at last I got to hold you in my arms.  My body and mind flooded with emotions, tears of joy flowed.  My soul glowing with warmth and love.  I have you to remind me what life is.  My soul alive, My heart beating with Love.  For you are my Life, my Soul, and Heart.  You are my World, my Miracle.  A Daughter who has truely blessed her Father.  A blessing so great, that words can never truely describe the emotions and the Love that I have you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had some rough times before my greatest blessing and gift was given to me. I hope you all enjoy it.

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