[Dedicated to Aphrodite urania]

Slow growing
yet mind blowing…
yet ethereal…

It’s sacrosanct:
A tiny plant
of slow growth
Called love.

Watered by zeal,
needs soil of trust,
You can’t conceal
It admits of no lust.

Highly agile,
Fatally fragile…

Like earthenware
May turn to smithereens
Handle it with care
that’s what it means!

Mere carnal love
Degrades mankind;
Like debauchery
Defiles your mind.

If pure and selfless
Exalts mankind.
In recklessness,
Love makes you blind.

If sought it mat be good
Far better if you could
Find love unsought:
Neither it’s sold nor bought!

Love eclipses not
with passage of time…
True, sizzling and hot:
Finest in your prime.

Love is God sent
Not lowly at all!!
If fickle and inconsistent
Collapses like a falling wall.

Beauty and wealth
Support by all
Shall fail to avert
That great downfall

Dr Wali

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