When I think of my Lady Love, her radiant eyes

Are hazel, ocean-deep, bright and clear,

Gleaming in mystique. Her complexion belies

Lotus blue in moonlight: ethereal beauty, I'd swear!

Her features so sharp with a body well-chiseled;

And if I ever tried to hold her close,

She felt exotic, and her body smelled

Like a new-blown Mediterranean rose.

To my dearest darling, I have a wish to offer:

Token of my constant love, a befitting memento…

Unparalleled as Nature has fashioned her--

Eternal beauty to last forever, not just a fleeting show.

A jewel unrivalled; to my Princess of dreams,

Unique she is, my heart so says to recommend,

Nothing beneath her dignity; to me it seems

Proper to send her a ring with a big diamond!


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