Broken and unloved

You broke my heart

with your cold and selfish ways,

cut it, stabbed it and left it bleeding.

You’re a coward,

a coward for the way you dumped me,

dropped me, ditched me.

You made me feel empty and broken,

small, insignificant, pathetic, unloved.

I loved you

no matter how many times we fought

or how many times you made me cry.

I loved you

no matter how demanding or clingy you got,

no matter how miserable you made me.

I still loved you

but you tossed that love aside

because I couldn’t be the fantasy girl you wanted,

because I couldn’t be anyone else but the real me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this shortly after I found out I'd been dumped via facebook but I'm starting to think he did me a favour.

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