Spiritual Suicide

Being weak and not being

able to handle the truth


You find comfort in lies instead,

turning to the darkness;

committing spiritual suicide


Becoming an agent of evil,

spreading the agenda of lies,

swarming rotten meat iikes flies,


There is no good left,

no sign of light,

wrongs for right


Clock is ticking,

Reaper is coming

to collect


Anxiety of death,

prolong the inevitable

but all in vain


Already dead,

already buried in the tomb,

your soul ripped from your corpse


Tormented by your "friends",

voices take over your mind,

possessed by your "Friends"


You will never see the light,

eyes blinded;

tomb opened,


Sealed in the walls,

sealed in the book,

stamped like a tramp.


A bitch,

a dog,

a coward,

a slave.