This Game


Maybe I could play a game.

A game of Russian Roulette.

With the pretty silver revolver,

That my parents keep hidden.

Maybe I could play chase

With the cars that traverse the highway.

See which has more stamina,

The motor or the heart.

Maybe I could play a game of darts

Quick! Quick! I'm the dartboard!

A moving target is hard to hit.

Aim well, precious.

Maybe I'll play cat and mouse

With a wild animal.

Run, run! Which has more stamina?

The bear or the human girl.

These games you play are hard and fast

Like the beating of a heart.

But when I'm all worn down, it stops,

And becomes stone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for someone who has hurt me deeply.

But I'm okay now, thanks to a couple good people.

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