What to say?

What to write?

I've know you a while

And I'll know you a while longer, I'm sure.

You're that person who will make me smile

Who will make me laugh when I don't want to

Get me to talk when I don't want to

You'll bug me to tell you

Anything that's bothering me

You can get on my nerves a little

And I'm sure I get on yours

But you'll always have me

I can yell at you

And you won't get mad

Knowing that you weren't to blame

I'll listen to your talk about Tom

Even though you talk about him too much

But you love him

I make acceptions for that stuff

You're a great person

Never forget that

Never let anyone tell you otherwise

I'll always remember you

Even if you do move to England

Just make sure

You come to the High School Reunion

I'll always love you

Cause you're my sister

I'll always think of you as my sister

Cause I love you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love you other big sis.

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