lost cause

when you wake up in the morning and everything is still,

when you preform your daily tasks without a single thrill.

when they leave you with nothing but why and you have no clue,

when they call you back for seconds and theirs nothing left in you.

when you sit awake at night trying to cry your self to sleep,

because the pills dont work any more and you cant catch a wink!

when you need the pain again because not bleeding is driving you insane again!

these drowsey eyes will never close for them, im done looking for love when i can't even keep a friend.

my father always traind me "the world is mine for the taking" every thing i built, iv been stedly breaking.

theirs nothing left for me, my shits gotten boring, in a shelter i let my brain storms pass and ignore me.

im falling to sin, iv been drinking and lookin at my old friend stanless steel for a hand.

the pain use to be such a damn crush on the things, that once slowly caused my brain to rust.

my joints and mussels soon to follow, its more than my heart will allow loanlyness seems a must.

i need it to keep 'me' me because if i can love i will never be free.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

traped in my own needs to fifull those of others its no wonder i cant get this heart to others.
add or dont..

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