Heaven and Similiar Situations - Short Poems (I-IV)

The Center


My love, My love

The center, Thy center

My love above

The center I remember

The spectre of souls

The softness of greens

With flakings of gold

Blue hues do bleed


The glory they give to days so hollow

The brown and tans and bleakness follow

To the depths before

The days complete

Angel, "look and thou shall see"

A center, A center

My love shall plead

A center, A center

Not peripherally


The center shall hold the center sphere

With laughter entwined

Of soft vainer


No Doubt


There's always my soul

It dances with you

Through turbulent seas - Its true

It rises and falls in lagoons


There's always the night

It crests before noon

Daydreaming of days through arrogant waves - Its true

Apologized with tears in its eyes as it swoons


There's always a way

It used to be

- If honest-

I state honestly - That its true


I cannot see through tear-stained eyes

How I love a perfect pout

Don't tell me that I don't love

The girl I knew

Without a doubt


-That'd be you-


The Proposal


What's left

What's right

In the blink of an eye



The depth of the soul

And in the absence of all vertical fury

The dust to settle

The dreams withheld

To lack the passion

A tale to tell

And formulate action

Of proposal in wells


Joshua Tree


Penetrating the shadows as the moonlight descends

The merriment continues

And in this life where all shadows to rattle

One thought my love ammends

While dancing through all figments of vision

All demons and angels track

My dear she changed her mind from vexing

To sweetness in her acts

The change has come from she to thee

To all the shadows

Beneath the Joshua Tree


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