Redemption Song

Redemption Song


Oh my sweetest, dearest one?

What tangled web conceived

Of vile and bitter thought

Brought rope and bended knee


What jealous lust conspire

To force unto the breech

The depths of hatred plunged

To unjust, tangled tree


The greatest of all lies

Unfolds with muffled breath

Those Iscariot and Cassius tribes

Melinger undead deaths


How must you think

With concious thought

No cog or wheel planned

With eyes so clear of visions caught

Amidst the shifting sands


Just know and mark said day

The days approach said death

For surely ye be judged

And sincerely I do say


I wish a time when Angels come

For now they stay away

Your pain shall cleanse the fire ye cross

Of rivers, valleys, of lakes


The rightous show the things you do

What Evil applauds and stands

For God is not a god of lust

Or ancient, scalding brand


The clarity I pray will find its way

The hope of Heavenly bodies pray

No deed undone can be once done

The book ye sign indeed

With blood of blood you scream this time

In veins of vane


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