To be, but not see

 To be, but not see


To be or not to be 

We live in a world that we can not see

In our generation we try to change ourselves 

So we can be who we was meant to be 

See I'm stuck in a phase in life

Where I do not feel free 

When everyone speaks

 Tells me that success is the key 

So I try ,try,try, and try until 

I cry,cry,cry,than  I get to my knees 

Than I start picturing myself as a tree

Not any tree a tree that me nor any human being  can stop reaching its heights 

I don't bite nor fight 

But I do write and try to stay bright 

In a situation that we don't see the light

So I people it's going to be alright 

But at the end I cry myself to sleep every night


By, Ramadhan Ramadhan