Seek To Save But You Don't Know Me

Luke 19:10 "I came to seek and save that which is lost." I've waited, God I've wanted, I've tried but lord you don't see me. Has faith forsaken thy name? I stepped up to your fault line, kept on walking tired Lord, stepped away because I've been running blind, I'm seeking a fire Lord because I don't have mine. I've kept your vow's, even on my knees I'm still spiralling down, this place is familiar to the hell I felt when I sent you back one of your Angel's, it is fitting you hardened my armour there. I still kneel by her grave Lord, so beautiful and strange on Sundays such as this, it isn't by choice I drop my armour here, I tell her "I swear I'm still looking for faith!" I'm not even asking for peace, not solace, nor answers. I'm just looking for anything to keep me from drowning, I was told faith could set me free, I'm struggling inside, God I'm fighting wars with the two of me. . . I'm tired of not knowing who I am. . . Who am I God? And why don't you answer me?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm at complex point in life to where I need answers. This is a reflection of that struggle.

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