The Dream

The branches on the trees were hitting on the windows that day, for the wind was blowing harder than usual. Roko our dog was barking impatiently. Suddenly on the T.V the news reporter announced that the rate in fatal traffic accidents had increased exponentially the last three days. When I changed the channel, there was another report saying that animals were escaping their cages in the zoo, creating chaos on the streets and leaving people injured. I was getting this strange feeling that something was about to happen, something that would change my life forever.

It was my father´s birthday, he kept complaining about his broken watch for years so I finally managed to gather the money to buy him a new one, it was a surprise because I never gave him anything for his big day. While I was waiting for him to come home from work, I heard a strange noise coming from downstairs, so I walked to the living room and all of the sudden I heard loud sirens coming from police cars that were rushing in front of my street. I didn’t even live in the city so it was pretty obvious that they were heading there. I was getting very scared and started biting my nails nervously. In that moment, my dad poked his head at the entrance to our living room.

  • “Sarah, are you okay!?” he said loudly

  • “I’m okay dad, where were you? I was really concerned!”

  • “I need you to tell me if you are sick!” *he grabbed a gun from his desk*

  • “I already told you I’m fine!, you are scaring me...why do you need that?”

Out of nowhere Aloy, my neighbor, broke one of the windows, she was covered in blood and came running towards us.

  • “Aloy I need you to stay right there!” said my dad

  • “I’m warning you!”

It was like she didn't know who she was, she had this dead look in her eyes, she didn’t stopped running towards us… my father shot her in front of me. I was shocked in that moment, my father shot my neighbor without hesitating, I started having trouble hearing or even seeing clearly, everything was blurry. When I regained a bit my senses, I heard my dad screaming at me.

  • “Your uncle Tommy is here, we need to leave!” “I’ll explain everything on the way”

  • “Okay…” I answered, I still was in shock

We took the highway towards the city trying to go for food and shelter, everyone had the same idea, because there were a lot of cars and a hell lot of traffic. We decided to go through the city and there it was… the apocalypse, buildings and houses on fire, people and animals killing each other, cars crashing into stores and looting them, chaos at its best. Then it blast me an idea, an idea that I did not wanted to think. This may actually be, the end of our world, the human world. My dad told me once that he believed in a theory that he heard, which established that , the nature would eventually evolve to  “Regain the land of man that once belonged to nature”. Now I understood everything, plants were releasing some kind of toxin that affected our brains and the animal’s in a way that we started behaving violently against anything that moved.

Then it came to me. This was the beginning of the end.

Suddenly I woke up, sweating profusely and shaking vigorously.  

At the edge of my bed, a beautiful angelic figure stood before me, adorned with a beautiful emerald dress and golden floweres embedded in her hair. She smelled like wet soil, a rare but soothing smell.

  • “Who are you?” , I asked.

She smiled knowingly, as If she knew I was going to ask that question.


  • “It does not matter who I am”, she answered. “For I am here to tell you that people mistakenly believe that dreams are just that, a subconscious representation of your inner being”.

  • “I don’t understand…”, I responded.

  • “I’m just here to tell you… listen to your dreams...for they are a representation of a reality most people chose not to see”

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