Forgive me.

Past Loves

I made myself think you never loved me,

I made myself think you never cared

I hurt you on purpose, lied and made you sad.

You didn't want me anymore,

so hurting you was all I had.

When I tried to take you back,

and you almost let me in...

the pain I felt when you said no,

fueled my every sin.

If I make myself think about the words you wrote to me,

all the notes and poems, that I will never again see...

I'll regret the pain I imposed upon you,

and how I could hurt a love so true.

We always said we would withstand the test of time,

but when it came down to leaving the fault has

always been mine.

I'm sorry for the way you felt

and I'm sorry for the lies.

I'm sorry for the pain I see

when I look into your eyes.

Please forgive me someday,

beacause what I said was true.

I will love you for everything you

are or ever will be, I will always love

you for you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'd like to start off by saying I love my husband,and he means the world to me. The love I feel in this poem is different from that I feel for Josh. With that being said...
In everything I've ever written about an ex, I have blamed him. I have said it was him who hurt me and that everything was his fault, but I guess today I felt the need to write this to just say I'm sorry. I guess when you look back 6 years ago, that person really did love me and I did my fair share of hurting him. So I'm sorry for hurting you, I never realized how much you cared, even if you don't so much anymore. You know who you are, if you even still read these, but I really am sorry and I'm sorry for all the hurt I have caused you over the last almost 9 years. You're a good person and any woman would be lucky to have you.

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