If I could


If I could make things right,

If I could just make it ok...

If I could make you see,

that things weren't supposed

to end this way....

I don't regret the past,

or the present that we share.

I just wish that in your heart,

you'd still have a place for me there.

I want to be friends,

I don't know what you may seek...

but I just want you in my life

beacuse without you

the future is just too bleak...

We share a common bond,

a love that never died.

But a love we have for others,

will keep this locked inside...

If I could change the way you feel,

and make it right again...

I'd turn the sky upside down,

as soon as you said when.

Please fogive me for the past,

and be a friend that's true.

beacuse no one knows what the future

holds for just me and you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hate you... so fucking much.

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