If I wasn't me


If I wasn't me my heart would be yours

these tears that i've shed would never hit the floor.

I wouldn't have left and you would've tried harder

But we aren't here to barder.

If you weren't you, we be married right now.

Our hearts intertwined with every vow.

The light shining down on love never known

and our whole life ahead to be grown.

But I am me, and you of course are you

others takes our places in the things

we once knew.

Our lives are so separte and yet we remain

as close in our minds are if it were the same.

I know when you hurt. You know when i'm sad.

I know when it's good. You know when it's bad.

This thing that we share, the open door in our minds...

is as unique as a moment in time...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i have no clue

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