What if I were dying?


There is just so much to think about

when you think that you could die.

It's not that I'm going to...

It was just a thought passing by.

But what would you do,

if you had no life left to live?

Who would you remember?

Who would you forgive?

Would it be that kid in first grade

who laughed at your chubby cheeks?

Would it be a man who loved you,

and swept you off your feet.

Would it be that best friend

who is always there for you?

Or how about your husband,

the one you gave your life to?

In short I have to say

I'd remember them all so dear,

and hope to forgive the ones

for which i no longer care.

It's funny thing, death that is...

to wonder how you'll be remembered.

But in the end all you think of,

is who do I remember.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When i was worried i was very sick...

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