Song Lyrics

Why, on why

do we fight amongst ourselves?

with words and with ideas and with so many untruths

Here, inside

I look out at the world, and I don't understand

We all want the same things

and we all come from the same place

we all long for unity

and I have faith...


Different paths, different minds

Different souls, and different times

Different stories, different words

But one Truth

One God


We are all One

Why, oh why

do we play these games of "victim" and of "not enough"?

Deep inside

all we want is to be loved

but we cry out that we're lonely and forget that love surrounds

We all fear the same things

and we all get hurt the same way

we all long for closeness

but I have faith...


Tell me how

Does an angel fall and lose his wings and get so lost?

Maybe I

just don't understand this world

and all this sensitivity is better kept inside

But then tell me how

does a brother lost a sister and forget what he once knew?

And tell me how

do these souls who share the same truths get so lost in games of words?

We all glimpse the same God

and somewhere inside me must know

that words are not what matters,

only love...

altered chorus:

(Different stories)

Brothers and Sisters, hold hands

(Different minds)

Speak from the depths where you hide

(Different paths)

Speak out your secrets and heal

We are all One


You never really lose your wings

they're just clipped behind you

and you never really lose your hope

it just hides inside you

and you never really lose your friends...

... we're right here beside you

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