small eyes


they have small eyes

(but what does it mean? they ask)

to put beauty into words?

'beauty' - a 'word' -

...we feel what it means instead

one word - without explaining why

why does the liquid sun make us gasp, or

the laughing infant bring tears to dry eyes?

words cannot tell us the 'why'...

(only in experiencing, is that secret known)

yet we long to speak it anyway - 'explain' - let it be known

(letters and words, so clumsy... but so often our only tool)

She is not speaking of 'eyes' or 'small' at all...

(tomorrow she could say there's ice on the window

...and it would mean the same thing)

it is not eyes, but the folds around the eyes

the wonder at two somethings so tiny (seeing so much)

the sacredness of tiny moments

of shared thoughts

of glowing...

in hearts, in minds, in bridges being made...


Perhaps I wanted simply to say

"this moment is beautiful"

without a need to explain why

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