strange room to find a poet

says the box that suddenly appears on the screen.

The Box waits for a response

I fight back the shame.

   I know

I type back.

They can’t see my emotion.

For here, I am a Box too.

   what are you looking for?

I cringe as I type the words which explain myself

I do not feel exposed; I’m only talking to a Box, after all.

so easy to type words;

press Enter before the mind can even properly register what they are

The Box and I type more words back at each other

The Box suggests meeting

my fingers type back, startled

struggle with the possibility,

lost in thoughts of what ifs and maybes being turned reality

Even in this place, emotions are too much

    I need to go; someone needs the phone

and I escape into grey, indifferent

Are you sure you want to exit?

Enter, Enter, Enter

strange room to find a poet, he said

strange world

to find a poet

(this program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem many years ago; its in the 2003 folder.  This is a current edited version.

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