do not long to sleep

the ocean is vast and deep

but the storm is over

you need to fly

away from dark

you long to soar

you ache to be warm


you will wake

your questions are many

it is safe to ask

you need to ask

you will soon know

there is comfort and joy

after the long night


who you are

and you will soon understand

it is almost time

to help the hurt and broken

to heal their tears

the blind will see and hear

give up the fight

open and it will come

the day is near

why do you fight

embrace the child in you

live in the light

trust in the light

open to love

give yourself into beauty

into life

into love

into light

learn as a child does

listen to your voice

hear your voice

you sing of love

know the moments when they come

its almost morning

breathe the dance that you are

trust in your gift of poetry

be the language of music

remember to laugh

live by feeling

live and you will know

it is time to come home


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