I am Love


Making things complicated, obscuring the truth in words, and terms, and yet more words, seems to be a pass time that human beings are fond of.  I wander the shelves of bookstores and libraries, and find book after book on the subject of discovering 'who we are', how to help ourselves become 'better people', so many words, pages, ideas, thoughts, all dancing around the real truth, all hiding the real truth in thousands of words when the real truth has no words.  

We are flesh and blood, we eat, sleep, because we need to do so for our bodies to survive.  And yet we are more than our bodies - we have minds, we have thoughts, feelings, and beliefs; needs, wants, desires, hopes, wishes, dreams.  We are all of these things, and yet we are none of these things.  

People may call me overly optimistic, naive, a dreamer, a poet; they can brush off my words as if they do not matter - it is of no importance.  And even now, I am guilty of what I said was uneccessary - using so many words to say so little; but maybe it is not unecessary, maybe it counts for something.  For some reason we all seem to need these words strung together, ordered thoughts - they serve a purpose, if only to bury the real truth in this jumble of words, if only to keep us from putting a real, true, naked idea out there for others to look at.  I'm half tempted to delete all this and just put my answer to your question, but as I said - in whatever way, this counts for something.  So let me try again.

What am I?  I am love.  My very being, my very essence, all that is what I really am, regardless of my body, regardless of my thoughts, my feelings - I am love.

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