Cruel world but ill never ever leave

When I get up they try to push me down 

But hit em in the eye with that crooked smile
They say go home quit nah I will see you in a while 
When your new to the game they try to shove you out 
This is music that i breath!
Can't stop can't comprehend how 
Be cause he is so proud 
Of what he finally found 
His inner strength his inner voice his dolo sound
He try's to spread it to the world but no one hears him out 
Shut down life is such a chore 
Living his life day to day can't handle this no more
There has to be more in life then hittin joints and liquor stores
Selfish thoughts should he even live anymore  
This is music that I bleed!
But life is what you make it
Don't mistake it 
That's not what fate is
If you have no patience 
And you are standing there waiting 
Trust me I relate had so much on my plate
I just threw it away and wished I fade away
This music set me free!
Let me tell you for a fact 
That this music brought me back
Risen my soul from that's been to hell and back
So I say proud I can see clearly through the clouds
I found my inner strength my dolo sound 
This is a cruel world but this music set me free
This is music I breath 
This is music I bleed 
Help me dig deep the music found me 
So get this I will never ever leave
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