Damien is Dead

The Damien books

The shadows fall on my grave

A fallen life to save

As they fill the hole with moldy dirt

Now, it's deathly cold in the ground

Silence the only sound, as I lay rotting


There's nothing to pray about it

Psalm 23 won't bring me back

My heart stopped beating the night she left me

And split my soul into a million shards


And I'm taking the easy way out, tonight

The taste of gun oil in my mouth, is fine

An exquisite delicacy forever mine


The priest bows his head and recites

A version of my last rites

As the jet black mourners defile my grave

Please, leave me to lie in peace

Beneath this grove of willow trees

Won't you all just walk away allready?


There's nothing to say about it

If you don't understand then you don't know pain

I'm so happy now that the dirt befriends me

And my flesh is fodder for a million worms


And I'm taking the easy way out, tonight

The razor is sharp, but I feel no pain,

Only blood flowing out of the vein


There's nothing in the least about it

Wondering why won't resurrect me

It's emotionless here, so leave me in peace

Because the worms are ready to start their feast

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