6. The children of the Jackal

The Damien books

Half a league, half a league

Half a league to Hades

The valley of death swept under a breath

And the light brigade began to fade

Theirs  not to make reply,

Their cold existence to defy

The palm of his hands, ragged as sand

Adjusts a lens to survey the land

Theirs  not to reason why,

The jury has spoken, acquittal denied

An eye for an eye, dehumanized

Dragged by the force of the wind

Theirs but to do or die,

A bullet to be bonafide

Hungry and cold, like the wolf, so cold

Yet he walks upright as a man


Author's Notes/Comments: 

***- Selections borrowed from "Charge of the light brigade", Alfred Tennyson, and "Do you fear the wind?"

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