2. The siege of my heart

The Damien books

As long as I remember, the cannon balls have flown

  Beating against the citadel, of flesh and blood and bone

  Tore the gate down long ago, after the riders came

  Tore out every rib and tendon, and replaced them all with stone

  Before I built the fortress, to guard my velvet heart

  A nightengale would visit me, and perch upon my breast

  Travellers came from all around, to break bread within my chest

  Untill the day that nightengale, decided to leave the nest

  Brick by brick, and stone by stone

  The wall grew higher, and sorrow became my throne

  My friends and family laid seige, to knock the towers down

  But every block that fell, I put another thirty home

  Caught up in the crossfire were the women that I loved

  My mother and my father, and the good lord up above

  Another flank to the westside, joining to the ranks

  Bombarding the wall with words of kindness, yet I turn away

  It's been seven years of warfare, seven years of siege

  The towers still grow higher, and the mortars they still fly

  They're bringing sticks of dynamite, pretty soon the cobalt bomb

  Perhaps if they brought a ladder, they could jump the wall inside

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