I heard someone once say,  As he was walking away

“Gather your nickels, and gather your dimes”

“Follow the fickle, and drink your wine”

I discovered deep inside, deep beneath the breath of time

I, as empty as a broken vase, do detest this horrid place

I am to walk a distance far to long for longing

I am to fight a war to pointless to be warring

I am to stand in the battlefield to collect dogtags

But I’m drowning in a pool of my own blood

Riding onwards, with needles in the sky

No looking back, Lest the dreams begin again

Am I to survive? Or do I visit the netherworld?

Am I even alive inside this hollow rotting carcass

Even though the sun shines bright,

On a patch of ground, in a river of light

It would burn my skin to go within

And turn the remorse into fury force

But I’m not the man I used to be

I shall climb higher and higher

From my chains I have been freed

I shall never begin to tire

For the years have washed away the boy

that stood on the shore of an ocean of joy

and could never learn to swim

now he is washed away on a whim

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