Dark longing


Blackened fire still burns inside this shell of a man

From dawn till dusk, it turns and eats him away

The celestial battle is churning out the grapes of wrath

And slowly slipping away are the shades of grey

Dancing in the courtyard, to a sorrow filled symphony

The antithesis to his pain is a nymph on bended knee

The wheels of logic turn in his mind, and slowly start to rust

A child of darkness is what he seeks in perfect lust

To scream and howl as children of the night

It would have to be love at first fright

To indulge their darkest fantasies, with easel and tapestry

Passionately inflicting pain, with rope and steel and whips and chains

A chalice of bitter hate, in imagining his fickle mate

But burned in his heart is the longing newborn derire

He tears his fishnet in piety, in reverence for his pagan gods

The flame is growing and soon a blazing fire

He dulls emotion and sets it afar

He reaches from his iron bars

He longs for the falling stars

Like the night when her kiss became a scar

Fairy's, nymph's, and harlot's fill his mind

Black and grey and scarlet fill his eyes

And with every encounter, a part of him dies

I never cease to ask of his demise

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