When the nails drove home


Meek and mild, tender loving mercy

He gave the world a smile

He healed the sick, he cast out demons

Gave sight to the blind, all the while

A man of statutes, he followed the law to the letter

The lamb of God, not one blemish found to roam

So on that day, they took him to Calvary

I scarce can take it in, as the nails drove home

And as the nails drove home, he cried "Father"

"Forgive them they know not what they do"

And as the nails drove home, I started weeping

For it was meant for me for the nails to pierce through

And as they mocked my savior, casting lots

A murderer cried "Save us, if your the Christ!"

Another hanging there rebuked him

And Jesus took him to paradise

And as the nails drove home, I sat weeping

And as they pierced his side, he set me free

But at the base of the cross, I lingered longer

Because I knew that those nails were meant for me

I'm a liar, thief, and fornicator

I've murdered with my mind, I've lusted with my eyes

I'm full of pride, deceit and envy

And when the nails drove home, I heard him cry

"My precious child, I take this burden

And I gladly bear it for your soul to save

The shepard lays his life down for the flock

Even for a single lamb I'd wander to the cross"

Now every time a trial or temptation

Crosses my path, I remember Calvary

Every fear and doubt and frustration

I simply remember the nails that were meant for me

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