Angel Band

In a time where I was innocent

I still had a little sense

My grandmother and I would sing hymns

On her porch, before us broken limbs

We'd sing with the birds high in the trees

We'd feel the softest, gentle breeze

Now it brings me to my knees

The day she passed away

I can't remember if I cried

When my mother told me she had died

But something was torn from me, deep inside

I'll always remember her

Sometimes she visits me in my dreams

I recall her pies and whipped cream

Sometimes I come to her in prayer

I reminesce on the things we shared

I remember the day before

My girlfriend left me at the door

And one week later, as if robbed

My father lost his job

Three things torn apart from me

But God still led me to be free

And I'll never forget the melody

We sang at her memorial

Her daughters wept and dried their tears

While my cousin's and mine allready dried

All our deepest fears

Came true the day she died

I reconcilled with my cousin Blake

It was enough to make the whole world quake

Everything she wanted put in place

The lord made due this time

And one week later at N.A.

A woman marvelled at me

I shook off what she said, as she gave me a hug

She wondered how I didn't pick up a single drug

My grandmother would tell you as plain as I

that it was all the grace of Jesus Christ

Keeping me clean at a hefty price

That old rugged cross

And as she left this world

Left us with our sorrows unfurled

We sang a song to bid her goodbye

As she rode into the sky:

"Oh come, angel band

Come and, around me stand

oh bear me away on your snow white wings

To my eternal home, oh bear me away

On your snow white wings, to me eternal home."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one has been meaning to come out for a long time.  I'm glad I got it out there.

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