All that time


Rose petals falling to the floor

From blinding heights

You know this is something

I have never felt before

Flickering flames against the fan

You see what I'm holding in my hand

My heart in a parcel

Melting to sand

There were times in my life of lives

I couldn't sleep at night

I'd lay awake and think about you

And then I'd sleep and dream about you

And I awoke... with an angel lying next to me

The day the night stole you away from me

I sat alone in misery

Your face would haunt me through the years

Believe me, as I shed skin, I'd shed more tears

And all the time I really loved you

Pushing you away

I lost more than a mind can conceive of

Is this the stuff that make believe's of?

A small heart only pretends to die

I damn near killed myself with the lie

I used hate to mask my love

I came so close to killing myself

And all the time I really loved you

thinking you were lost and I was found

But I KNEW someday we would meet again

The song would echo and rebound

I cried to God to send her to me

My heart was slowing breaking

I knew she'd come and see things through

I never knew it was to be you

And all the time I really loved you

More than I have ever loved anyone

I thought about you every day

For countless years on end

If you ever doubt my love for you

Or think I've loved another more

Look into my eyes and stare

and you will find your answer there

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