Lord of the Flies


I am the needle in your vein

I am the sorrow and the pain

I am withdrawal from humanity

I am the demon called cocaine

I am the voice inside your head

Sowing dischord, death, and dread

I am the aching when you stop

I am the bead of sweat that drops

I am the bliss and agony

They say the truth will set you free

I am the teller of all lies

I am the lord of the flies

Take a pill, or walk the line

Either way your fucking mine

Breath the smoke, or cut the mirror

I will allways draw you near

These chains will always be in place

The lines and sunken cheeks in your face

The shackles keeping you insane

I am the demon in your brain

And when you call me I will come

For I am always close to home

When you feel the gentle breeze

It's just the breath of your disease

Shoot me up or drink me down

And wear that everlasting frown

I'll be there 'till your last breath

Call me the monkey, or call me death

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