Comptilation: My best

  This is a rather LONG and varied comptilation of what I feel (and through critiques, what others feel) are my best poems.  I by no means expect ANYONE to take the time to read this entire blurb.  But, it's here if you want to.

When the nails drove home (spirituality)

Meek and mild, tender loving mercy

He gave the world a smile

He healed the sick, he cast out demons

Gave sight to the blind, all the while

A man of statutes, he followed the law to the letter

The lamb of God, not one blemish found to roam

So on that day, they took him to Calvary

I scarce can take it in, as the nails drove home

And as the nails drove home, he cried "Father"

"Forgive them they know not what they do"

And as the nails drove home, I started weeping

For it was meant for me for the nails to pierce through

And as they mocked my savior, casting lots

A murderer cried "Save us, if your the Christ!"

Another hanging there rebuked him

And Jesus took him to paradise

And as the nails drove home, I sat weeping

And as they pierced his side, he set me free

But at the base of the cross, I lingered longer

Because I knew that those nails were meant for me

I'm a liar, thief, and fornicator

I've murdered with my mind, I've lusted with my eyes

I'm full of pride, deceit and envy

And when the nails drove home, I heard him cry

"My precious child, I take this burden

And I gladly bear it for your soul to save

The shepard lays his life down for the flock

Even for a single lamb I'd wander to the cross"

Now every time a trial or temptation

Crosses my path, I remember Calvary

Every fear and doubt and frustration

I simply remember the nails that were meant for me

Chessboard of Life (spirituality)

On the table of cosmos, at the very far end

Is the corner of life, and shuns from the sin

Gazing the board are the king and his wife,

Gazing over the chessboard of life.

The field is grisly, the men, war torn

They feel as if their lives are forlorn

The feel as if they are forsaken,

Every time a piece is taken.

Black and white, the colors of war

Good and evil, a cliché seen before

And all the kings horses and all the kings men

Charge into battle, again and again.

Righteous pieces, are the white

Jesus rides upon the knight

A holy bishop standing tall,

Ready to obey God’s call

A rook stands ready, his name, St. Peter

The Queen is Mary, no one can beat her

A row of good hearted pawns stand steady

Their weapons of truth are at the ready

The king who reigns from his golden throne

Is none other than God, and God alone.

Cross the field, to evil’s dominion

Ripped apart by bias opinion

The harlot of Babylon, the queen for the black

A row of demons, prepared for attack

Four horsemen are ready to start their ride,

And the bishop preaches Satan’s lies

The rook is the tower of Babel so tall,

Ready to stand?  Or ready to fall

And on the throne of blood and pain

Sits Lucifer, upon evil reign.

In the chessboard of life, there’s no guarentee

That what you do is righteous you see

There’s no guarentee, it’s life as is

So you must have faith, as God is bliss

On the chessboard of life, you’ll lose a few

Will it be worth it when the battle’s through?

When all is over, and all is gone

Your most valuable piece, was that tiny pawn

The little ragged soldier, with the beady eyes

The beady eyes, that always cry

The tattered clothes, the feet with no shoes

But that pawn was willing to fight for YOU.

In the chessboard of life, there’s more than a knight

There’s more than a rook, there’s more men to fight

Even the tiniest pawn so serine

Can cross the board, and turn into a QUEEN.

In the chessboard of life, there’s the black and the white

Tell me my friend, for which side will you fight?

Satan and his ill willed army of spite?

Or God and his glorious fire of light

The battle has started, across the field

Move’s a demon, bearing hate’s shield

The shield was broken by none other than love,

Another piece taken by God, up above.

A counter strike, is underway

A horsemen rides, early that day

St. Peter is killed, mourn his death

A point fort the black, Satan does jest

The war torn land is fought for all day,

And in the end, scattered astray

The pieces are beaten, on both sides, a tie

And all accomplished was fighting to DIE

But what’s this I see in the corner, a pawn?

The ragged old pawn is making a run

To the corner of the board, he is changed

Into a queen, set to win the game

Horse has fallen, Jesus is crushed

Under the weight of his mare, he thrusts

An open hand to the ragged old man,

Who will save the future of life, if he can

Revived in a instant, Jesus’ Horse

He ride’s on a bearing, a strictly set course

With the queen, they defeat, in moments last stand

Satan is dead, no more plague to man

Armaggedon was won that night

A battle was fought, like no other fight

And what did you learn from the game just won?

A scrawny old pawn, can save God’s own son

A meager old pawn can cross the field

And take the game, with new power to wield.

On the chessboard of life, ragged old men

Have potential to become queens again.

On the chessboard of life, when up against hate

The tiniest pawn can whisper "Checkmate."

Well of Souls (Gothic/The Crimson Order)

Into formation the figure flows

And oft it shakes when the wind blows

A crooked leperous hand unfolds

Reaching out of the well of souls

And out of the mire it climbs and sits

Atop the foul and stenchful pit

And bellowing out of it's hollow throat

A shrill yet shallow wavering note

Creaking arms hold a pipe

As smoke plumes upwards in the night

Shimmering wisps of iron grey

Into the wind, dissareyed

The tainted voice begins to speak

As ghost-white hands form a peak

A tale of horrors long ago

A tale of Dante's well of souls

The earth was without form and void

And darkness cast over the face of the deep

Like a snapshot from an old polaroid

Black sunflowers bend and weep

In a garden of cultivated tears

Grows an orchard of deepest fears

And before me stood this nightmare

But I could only stare

He told me of the pristine garden gates

He told me of beauty, and of fate

The way things were before they died

The day that Warlock fell from the sky

"In the well of souls, you never grow old

Allthough you rot amidst the mold

Your body decays and threads are frayed

But no, you never grow old"

"In the well of souls, the bodies float

Their eyes are white as snow

Our hair iron gray, and rotting skin

Come join us at the show"

"In the well of souls, you re-live hell

Time over and over again

In this God forsaken well

We re-live our past sin"

And crawling up from the well

Came spawning my deepest fears

An army of decaying corpse shells

Drawing all to near

"Join us!" they cried, in misery

And I, simply longing to be free

I lay at my side my good shepherd

Touched their hands and became a leper

Morticus (Three chapters of eternity)

A season in the grim abyss

The Dreary world of Morticus

Along the river, here transcend

A graceful journey, at an end

Soon shall darkness strike the hills

Judicate, our endless shrills

So starts the tale, so songbirds hum

The grisly tale of Morticum

The gates of hell gaze down on me

As brimstone grows on Satan’s tree

Reserved, among these lonely gates

Preserved, was death, and drawing fate

A rush of wind felt all around

To guard the gates, a lone hellhound

The trio of eternity,

Heaven, hell, purgatory

Sent a knave from Lucifer

Sent to see my soul deter

Amidst the clouds of ebony

Demons chant “Ave Satani”

Howling souls do not but thrash

All reason found, gone in a flash

As it was written, it was done

Armageddon, God had won

For all low mortals, torn desire

Sent to scorch in the lake of fire

A tall, cloaked figure follows me

A blood stained sickle, holdeth he

I hear his voice, a hollow tone

“Follow me, to thy new home”

The iron gates of hell do part

Mellowed hatred, where I art

The ides of sin, have come at last

A haunting tint, of my grim past

Disfigured and fallow, a bony hand

Points across the endless land

“Welcome to Morticus, I wish you well

Morticum… an alias known for hell…”

I take a step on blood-red sand

I follow this ghastly, outstretched hand

He beckons me enter, this lonely place

This man with no life… this man with no face

I follow his biddings, have I a choice?

Something grim in the tone of his voice

All around in the thick of the air

Sounds of screaming, from those not spared

Goblins and ghouls, do circle above

A pagan cry, of death’s fatal dove

Black and brimstone, angels soar high

The end of all sin, is surely nigh

The deepest circle of hell awaits

I knew at once, when I entered the gaits

And nothing to save my spirit from death

The most unsacred place, ‘tis where I must rest

An echo of demons, speak my name

Lycanthroat evil, spare me no fame

Bound to walk eternally fouled

As souls of sinners scream and howl?

Plagued by terror, foul yet fair

Evils lament, my soul does tear

This stranger has come, to this strange land

A place to punish mortal man

Down a stairway of skulls, lies his lair

This, his courtroom of despair

Satan’s the judge, in hand, his gavel

My sentence, “Till thine own soul unravel.”

As Lucifer bids, I’m cast in hell

Atop of my clock, the bell strikes twelve

My soul is cast in the lake of fire

The flames of hell, only seep higher

Blackened crows now peck at my eyes

I’ve joined the horrid chorus of cries

A sea of sinners, across the abyss

Eternity spent, in Morticus

All for one and one for all (Love)

A tous le monde, Je suis un pour tous et tous pour un...

The fear is killing you my dear

It’s strangling you like a garret

You choke, but not for long, I'm near

If you do find love, ensnare it.

Trap any shame or guilt inside

Box it up with a parcel of pride

Tie a ribbon with your heart so wide,

And send it down the shoreline.

Now take some love, which you have plenty of, and a little bit of joy,

Mix in a little strength, at some length,

and finish it off with beauty.

Your love is deeper than an endless hall,

Your all for one and one for all.

Your strength is longer than China's Great Wall, because your all for one

and one for all.

Honor the past and never do fall

your all for one and one for all

Sail on your great mast, and never appall

your all for one and one for all

Your grace is deeper than the ocean blue, and I've never met one as

graceful as you.

Don't ever stop fighting to find the truth, because someday, the truth might

find you.

Wounded courage won't stop you, just never be thralled

Your all for one and one for all.

Broken to Pieces (hope)

Your broken to pieces

Your thrown to parts,

Your life is in shambles,

And what’s LEFT of your heart.

Your tattered and torn, and shattered and worn

Your broken to pieces, and pieces to mourn.

Your flame of pride, extinguished

Like a torch, smothered down

And now you relinquish,

Your righteous crown.

Your smile used to be, MILES wide

But now it’s a frown, and your face can’t hide

All of that shame and incompetence,

Now you won’t pay your self one cent of penance.

The shackles of sorrow, adorn your feet

A thousand tons weight, shows your defeat.

The chains of pain, around your breast

Drag on, tired soul, you cannot find rest.

Your broken to pieces

Your thrown to parts,

Your life is in shambles,

And what’s LEFT of your heart.

Broken to pieces, ground to bits

Crumbled to ashes, as are your wits.

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust,

The chains of pain, are starting to rust.

Smashed to nothing, ‘till your soul finds respite

In the church of grief, you’re the acolyte…

Your tattered and torn, and shattered and worn

Your broken to pieces, and pieces to mourn.

Bound to walk on, your endless stride

Gallop on, your endless ride

Broken to pieces, torn in two

But never forget, there is STILL hope for you.

In your darkest hour, there is always hope,

In the church of hope, you just might be the pope.

Tears of Blood (gothic)

A tale of two lovers, etched in the sky

A tale of the way, they both sought to die

And melancholy shall turn the tide

Of a love so vast, of a love so wide.

A whisper calls out to them

A whisper not heard

It’s voice viciously spurned from their ears

Melded together by passion so infinite

Taken without inclination, taken tonight.

And death does creep across the lonely floor,

The cold cobblestone, it crawls through the door

Save no warning, death comes to take her soul

And it’s icy hand shall soon unfold.

Lo, by the fire I sit staring vague

Not knowing, not sensing this infinite plague

Into the void, my mind seeps

Across the floor, death does creep

Passing me now, for my life not to take

Passing my mortal, and immortal.

I love her so dearly, the world does not know

I love her whole hearted, and love doth show

A love ten times greater than Romeo knew

When he looked in the eyes of Juliet, blue

And still creeping into my chambers deep walls

Death is crawling, it comes to appall

A demon to Wrathfully take what is mine

Lamentable fear knows no confines


I lay there not knowing what seeps through my door.

Misconception is a foul hound all around.

Drifting off to a world not so far

A world where dreams reign supreme

This world seems so far, yet so near to me

Until I awaken to find misery.

A feeling rushes in, a feeling of frantic dread crawls over me.

Death’s icy hand has strangled my love

His icy fingers have cut off her breath

Her tender heart, so utterly stopped

And vainly bludgeoned by deaths glove

But nay, death wore no glove on this night

Death was willing to put up a fight

Death took the life of my love so dear

And now I know the fear, springing near

Death crawled away, without taking me too

I chase after his shadow, and beg to be through

I want him to take me, so I can be free

But death is so utterly cruel you see

And what to my eyes, death runs away

While laughing at my mortal shell left to decay.

Death howls with laughter, and raging now

Death will not take me, there’s no way out.

Mournfully I walk back through the dark waters of my empty soul

Mournfully I reside… until contemplations drive me insane.

My love was taken by deaths icy grip

One last kiss, I wish from her lips

Pale lips are not full of life felt before

Death took her life, and crept out the door

And as I sit here, a shell of my soul

All I want is one last goodbye

An emptiness of black lace forms ‘round my heart

Tears of blood stream from my eyes.

One last kiss, one more word

One more moment of peace by her side

But death is a demon, and demons abide

By laws of evil, and in hell they reside.

I’d trade every ounce of every day

Just for death to scratch my name

So death eternally I will seek

To wipe off the tears of blood from my cheeks.

Only to see her, only to be

Death had to take, death didn’t see

Death doesn’t care if I am hollow inside

Tears of blood still burn from mine eyes,

The fire of my life is burning on

The oil in my lamp, almost gone

The knife in my side will soon coincide

And tears of blood shall no longer flow from mine eyes.

Death creeps in again

Deaths shroud seeps in across the floor

I smile as I beg him to take me away

The threads of my life are surely frayed

He takes my hand, as my body does die

Tears of blood shall no longer flow from mine eyes.

He’s taking me to her, he answered my cries

No more tears shall flow from mine eyes.

Honorable mention (also see)- The Clairvoyant, Into the Flames, Dark Longing, ANYTHING in the Love folder.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

J.S. Celebrating nine years as a poet/songwrter.

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