Time is breaking down on the old a-track

Better stop me now, there's no turning back

Now all you Pharisees with your public prayers

Watch out for fires of hell, don't get caught in the glare

You see the new horizon on a shining star

He's running left to right, and he won't get far

Like Icarus flying to close to the sun

Got A needle in his arm, and then he's spun

Shoot me up with pain and hate

Addicted now, I can't escape

Love forever lost at sea

Can't see the forest through the trees

Fake it all and on your strife

Take it all, and end your life

Too much pleasure, too much pain

From the demon called cocaine

I've seen angels fall from blinding heights

I've seen devils crawl from hell

Men will forfeit their greatest gain

With the demon called cocaine

Scars, and pills, and needles dance around

Their voices mute without a sound

With every fix there comes a price

Next time it might just be your life

I've been dancing all these years

Discovering the deepest of my fears

Turning to the magic eight ball

By it's magic I was simply enthralled

If you should reach a fork in the road

Don't think twice, take the narrow steer

Before long you'll in the arms of God

And memories are just for souvenirs

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