Bleeding Heart

Draped in lustful fire

This is the hearts desire

Is it wrong or is it right?

These lonely hearts still beating in the night

For years that seemed like centuries

He walked alone, through bitterness

Laden with sorrow and envy's

Grown from a twisted chrysalis

Every day within his chest

A bleeding heart bled to protest

The pangs of hunger screaming from his soul

He needed not to turn

And see the couples in charades

This set his heart to burn

And pride fell beneath the blade

And I don't care what your named

Because to me it's all the same

I don't care for injury or games

I've been so long with lonely tears

That pain is just a souvenir

Beautiful stranger

Let me look into your eyes

The door to this bleeding heart

Is opened wide to anyone

Take what you will, and then depart

Or stay and soothe the desperate despair

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reminescent of the Sisters of Mercy's "Some kind of stranger"

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