Send the Immortal

The Crimson Order

*Co-author Terence Shipp*

A humble village in a haze of fog

Peaceful men who belittle none

Wintry hearts feel a chill

To fortell an arrivel of evil and sin

I saw the town ablaze

The hellfire spawned a maze

There walked three downcast men

In defeat, they hung their heads

The Norsemen plundered their shores

From the time of the gilded axe

When the days were plenty for the farms on the plains

And the fields were wet with the summer rains

Smoke rising to the sky

Women being raped in the name of Odin

Villager's time to die

Men being slaughtered in the name of Thor

And the rune stones are glowing into the golden night

The battle is a churning at the break of day

The townsmen will always lose the fight

And the longboats sail away

The elders gather together in a ragged band

They pray to their God's in a tongue of man

They pray for mercenary of the God's

To be released upon the Viking pillagers

The immortal man stands ready

His sword and shield are ablaze with glory

Forged in the halls of Vahalla

The immoral stands to fight

Marching steady, a legion of pillagers

To take down goliath, with sling and stone

They meet to fight him on the plains of blood

The immortal strikes them down one by one

And the Vikings flee from the terrifying beast

Who was released to cut the throat of tyranny

So by the sea and the shore's of Veldemark's mainland

Are forevermore protected by the wayside

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Co-author Terence Shipp.

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