I was born here and I'll die here

But that's ok

Take it all or leave it

But don't throw it away

Sometimes, when I cry

My soul melts into clay

Then you can truly mold

Your morals into ways

When times are good

You feel invulnerable

Cunning and narcisus

Lead you astray

You may not realize

The words that you say

And hurt, like a silver blade

Cuts through those in your way

But when the season changes

The times turn deplorable

Your gut begins to wrench

Your eyes begin to itch

Your mind turns and rolls

And you shed your skin

Every tear that falls

From the corner of your eye

Is another seed of wisdom

That helps you to get by

For when you weep, you fall

Your ego dies, and rots away

And whats left over

Is truly a beautiful thing

I've shed so many tears

And shed so much dead skin

That scars are painted over me

Like ruins in the wind

Once your heart has hurt and healed

The skin of your cheeks will tan

A leather cloak covers

Where skin used to stand

But sorrow, sorrow is the greatest book

The world will ever know

We run from pain, but never see

That pain is God's offering to us

Do not run from suffering, but embrace it

For the moment you see sorrow as wisdom

The pain will melt, and new skin will appear

I was born here and I'll die here

I'm just in between graves

I lament the lives I've damaged

And I give thanks to the ones I've saved

I weep over lost love, and friends so long ago

But all these tears that cover me

Are a shield from greater blows

Now the prophecy is fulfilled

I've shed so much rain

That my skin is leather

I can no longer be hurt, but I still learn

Let it out, and true to my word

Your tears will become a blessing

Sometimes, pain will keep you alive

And the season will turn to illumination

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It is true, that once you embrace suffering, it gets better.  And you learn from it, that's the most important thing.  I no longer look at pain as a burden, but more over God's GIFT to me.  It teaches you, and I can't reject that!

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