Agnus Dei

My mortal body has fallen away,

As the last rites are read

On this earth I cannot stay

For I am truly dead

And suddenly, a voice cries out

I am Defendent in court

The verdict is announced with a final shout

"Guilty of sin against the lord!"

"Blasphemer!" The jury cries

"Adulterer, and guilty of lies"

But in the book of life, my name they could locate

Because I had an advocate

"My blood has paid the price of his sin,

And guilty as though he may be

I died on the cross and cleansed from within

So that he shall be set free."

Agnus Dei, lamb of God

Broke the chains in which I trod

Damnation on that day defied

My spirit has been sanctified

The gates of heaven flooded apart

A new body and spirit, and a fresh start

And the joy I felt in my new home

Was greater than ever known

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Heaven".  These three poems were inspired by The Divine Comedy.

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