The Beautiful Flower


Vast, as far as the eyes can see

To kill all pain and misery

Behold, a sea of red and white

A poppy blooms, forever bright

A sear on the head of the pod inside

A milky extract, tried to hide

The Sepulchur of all solomn sin

The beatiful flower helps us win

We take this tar, but not too far

To a den to dry in peace

A war of opium do we see

A deadly knife in sheath

A pipe lay, aghast the floor

A sweat secretes, from all our pores

A sainted euphoria, I apprehend

As the smoke ascends

Flesh and body dissapear

The shimmer of silver, so austere

Only the conscience mind remains

In a heavenly state

So once, or twice our senses see

A land of joy, a land of glee

And once again, time after time

The beautiful flower is eating my mind

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ode to the opium poppy... the beautiful and dangerous most sought after flower in the world.

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