On the other side

On the other side

I'm so tired and lonely

One endless road I travel through

But on the other side of this

Is where I'm heading forward to

No more pain and no more tears

No more dark and winding fears

No more tainted scars across my soul...

Just one heavenly dream

My life a blur oblique

My dreams are all that I seek

But one fine day, I'll stand

Across the river, 'cross the sand

These wounds won't seem to heal

Deep waters, too unreal

But I am fighting forward every day

One minute, pure euphoria covers me

The next, the brink of sanity

The picture dims and then it fades

But I'll wander on, my mere path

The road is long and winding still

But on the other side...

Eden so strong, heaven so pure

The road is painful, but I persist

Too many temptations to resist

On the other side, I'll see you there

Once the road has windled down

I'll see you there

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