A season in the grim abyss

The Dreary world of Morticus

Along the river, here transcend

A graceful journey, at an end

Soon shall darkness strike the hills

Judicate, our endless shrills

So starts the tale, so songbirds hum

The grisly tale of Morticum

The gates of hell gaze down on me

As brimstone grows on Satan’s tree

Reserved, among these lonely gates

Preserved, was death, and drawing fate

A rush of wind felt all around

To guard the gates, a lone hellhound

The trio of eternity,

Heaven, hell, purgatory

Sent a knave from Lucifer

Sent to see my soul deter

Amidst the clouds of ebony

Demons chant “Ave Satani”

Howling souls do not but thrash

All reason found, gone in a flash

As it was written, it was done

Armageddon, God had won

For all low mortals, torn desire

Sent to scorch in the lake of fire

A tall, cloaked figure follows me

A blood stained sickle, holdeth he

I hear his voice, a hollow tone

“Follow me, to thy new home”

The iron gates of hell do part

Mellowed hatred, where I art

The ides of sin, have come at last

A haunting tint, of my grim past

Disfigured and fallow, a bony hand

Points across the endless land

“Welcome to Morticus, I wish you well

Morticum… an alias known for hell…”

I take a step on blood-red sand

I follow this ghastly, outstretched hand

He beckons me enter, this lonely place

This man with no life… this man with no face

I follow his biddings, have I a choice?

Something grim in the tone of his voice

All around in the thick of the air

Sounds of screaming, from those not spared

Goblins and ghouls, do circle above

A pagan cry, of death’s fatal dove

Black and brimstone, angels soar high

The end of all sin, is surely nigh

The deepest circle of hell awaits

I knew at once, when I entered the gaits

And nothing to save my spirit from death

The most unsacred place, ‘tis where I must rest

An echo of demons, speak my name

Lycanthroat evil, spare me no fame

Bound to walk eternally fouled

As souls of sinners scream and howl?

Plagued by terror, foul yet fair

Evils lament, my soul does tear

This stranger has come, to this strange land

A place to punish mortal man

Down a stairway of skulls, lies his lair

This, his courtroom of despair

Satan’s the judge, in hand, his gavel

My sentence, “Till thine own soul unravel.”

As Lucifer bids, I’m cast in hell

Atop of my clock, the bell strikes twelve

My soul is cast in the lake of fire

The flames of hell, only seep higher

Blackened crows now peck at my eyes

I’ve joined the horrid chorus of cries

A sea of sinners, across the abyss

Eternity spent, in Morticus

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The first chapter in "Eternity".

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