Ode to Death


Garden of Evil, sounds the truth

An impenetrable soldier of long lost youth

He leans upon bullets, as bullets to tear

Ricochets sound from freedoms despair

This is the end as we know

Time to start the fucking show

Fair is foul, and foul is fair

Bullets from barrels, as bullets do tear

Throw down your weapon of light

Pink up the dagger, fresh on the floor

This bitch turns to me tonight

This bitch is freedoms whore

Nothing but an ode to death

Speaks a plague, lost in the vague

Nothing, you’d better save your breath

I speak the fucking truth, they have slaughtered my youth

Tempting my every move

Inferring my every fear

Time ticks by, and only to die

The end of all is near

My God, return to me

Return my life to ashes

I only wish for me to see

My soul now only thrashes

Nothing but an ode to death

A flower of morbid darkness blooms

Here I lie, with my last breath

Nothing speaks, impending doom

Speak motherfucker

Seek motherfucker

Kill & slay

This war is forever

The ocean floor

Ashes to ashes, from the tray

Through the wind, these ashes soar

Fucking truth is too much to bear

A blackened burden, of despair

End It all, the fucking lies

An angel weeps crimson, as she cries

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another song I wrote.

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