A Bottle of Pills


My rating for this poem: ***

(*-pure crap, **-Not so Great, ***-Farely decent, ****- Excellent, *****- Outstanding)

Life drags on, my spirit soars

Harlot of Babylon, deadly whore

When I seek, I cannot find

Within the dungeon of my mind

An untouchable paranoia lurks within

And though I try, I not but sin

An endless ravine of sorrow rages

Free my thoughts from scarlet cages

Down in this hole is so alone

My life's song, a deadly tone

The unknown haunting plagues my mind

Drown my sorrow in plasma wine

A good friend, is the bottle of pills

Set the vacant hole to fill

And my mind only begins to shrill

On a mount of sorrow’s rolling hills

Symmetrical stature of sorrow’s void

My brain cells all but unemployed

To fight the pain that’s oh so sheer

I’ll need another case of beer

Full of never ending lies

Is my life, that I despise

I wish that I could only die

Set my spirit free to fly

Don’t cry for me mother, as I lay on the floor

Somehow, I’m happier than before

Lost my life, but not my soul

In a game of death, the dice do roll…

As I gaze empty, to flowing skies

Wipe the tears that you may cry

The bottle lies empty, wrought my end

But there was nothing, you could defend

Now I’m empty, where to begin

But the pills were just another friend…

Like a raven, oh so harsh

Was my life that was so sparse

The empty dime-bag sings my song

Of my life, went oh so wrong

Shed no tears for me, my dear

May seem far, but I am near

All the while, I’m watching you

Even though my time is through

Ticks the clock upon the wall

Tocks so slowly, ticks so small

Take a pill, it ticks so quick

Take TWO pills, so ends this trick

My life was molded from sorrow’s clay

The mold so rotten and decayed

The crucible bent to terrors design

And so it molds my hollow spine

A good friend, was that old pack of Red’s

They speak my mute voice, now that I’m dead

A dear old pal that shot-glass true

Only helped me make it through

Like lace on the embroidered edge of fear

Velvet seams, upon my tears

Kashmir sighs of sorrow deep

Silken eyes, as eyes do weep

This ghastly robe of cloth so fair

THIS, death’s cape that I now wear

Upon the robe, the blood so red

The garment speaks for me, now I’m dead

Alone in death, my soul descends

I need some pills, some dearest friends

You cannot kill what doesn’t die

But you cannot give the dead new life

Do not cry your tears so vain

Soothe your deep and endless pain

I may be gone, by my own will

But now my vacant hole is filled


I am no longer in pain on this earth


I can no longer hurt you


I shall no longer plague mankind


FINALLY, I’ve slain my mind

My eyes are faintly staring back

They still hold that God you lack

They still gaze at mother dear

They still shed one lonely tear

Hear my words…

And there is gnashing of teeth

And moaning

Sighs of utter rebellious eternity


It is a cold day in hell

I’d write you a letter if I could

With the return address “Satan’s Dominion”

But no… there is no ink in hell

No quills

No parchment

Yet, my sorrow’s are gone…

One more chance at God

One more…

Hear me, take your last chance

So that I am not burning in vain

As I sit here in my lonely cage

In hell’s cell, eternal rage

The only thing I wish for now

Is one more chance… one somehow

But nay, I don’t, no longer do I ache

No longer do I cry, as my skin doth bake

No longer do I lament my heart’s confines

No longer can I feel my empty spine…

Ah, but alas… I feel no more pain

No more sorrow, no more shame

Hear me now, hear my shrills

I owe it all to a bottle of pills

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally inspired by Pantera's "A good friend, and a bottle of pills."

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