Wake up Dreaming


Dreaming the same thing every night

The endless slumber, the barren thoughts

The ravenous nightmares infest your soul

As you delicately drift back into the hole

The cold sweat trickles down your neck

Plummet deeper, thoughts collide

Your sanity left to diminish

The empty thoughts left swimming

The thoughts swimming freely inside your head

Soon they will drown…

And now the somber hour does fade

As does the sullen masquerade

Deprived of all joy, now you do sleep

They’ve all turned to dust, so count the last sheep

Wake up over and over again

And set the cycle fresh to begin

Dreams turn to nightmares, peace turns to fear

The howling voices shall only grow near.

Eternal trance, the sandman has come

The nightmare’s attack from the edge of your mind

The threshold of dreamland, shall torture your soul

Wake up, once again, as the dreams just unfold.

The beast still form’s an infinite lake

Your body’s asleep, but your mind’s SO awake

You wake up knowing, that fear is so near

You wake up screaming, and nearing the fear.

Wake up to dreamland, every ‘morn

Awaken to slumber, and slumber to scorn.

Wake up dreaming, every day

Another grim nightmare, another astray

Wake up dreaming, ‘till you wake no more

Every day’s nightmare is worse than before.

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