I asked...


I asked the lord, one night for love

I asked him, frankly, up above

I told him I wouldn't care if her face wasn't art

As long as she loved me with all her heart

She didn't have to be the smartest girl

As long as she meant all the world

I asked the lord, one night long ago

If he'd give me love, if he'd give me hope

I asked for ten, he gave me eleven

I expected hell, he gave me heaven

I asked the lord for a speck of sand

He gave me all the sand in the land

I asked for one, he gave me two

I asked for LOVE, and he gave me you

I prayed to God, for someone good

He gave me the best, and the best he could

He gave me a woman, yet so far away

I guess it's for better, if I can't see her today

I thank the lord, that he gave me the best

I wanted a quiz, he gave me a test

I aked for simple, if that's all he'd give

But the dear lord gave me a reason to LIVE

I prayed one night and I didn't care

If she had the shortest, tackiest hair

If her eyes were RED, I wouldn't complain

I wouldn't care if her jokes were lame

I asked the lord for a swig of wine

He threw me a bottle, the bottle's all mine

I asked for what he'd give

If he would have given me the plainest woman in the world, I wouldn't have cared

I asked him for what he would GIVE

I told him I didn't care if she was beautiful or smart, as long as she loved me.

What did he do?

He gave me the most beautiful creautre I have ever seen

He gave me the most mature, smartest woman my age I have ever met.

He gave me that long smooth, black hair.

He gave me those sweet serine eyes.

He gave me someone who understands me, and who I can understand...

He gave me you.

I asked the lord for a tree so green

He gave me a forest,as far as the eye could see

I asked for water, he gave me a lake

I wanted a malt, he gave me a shake.

I asked the lord for one,

He gave me two

I asked him for love,

And he gave me you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One plus one is two.  Without the two, the one couldn't exist in the first place.

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