Mommy dearest don't you cry

Don't you weep and don't you sigh

His time was up, the time flew by

The good lord took him, don't ask why.

Mommy dearest I miss him so

I miss his laughs, I miss his jokes

But most of all I miss his love

Now he rests with God above.

Mommy dearest I'm here for you

I'll make sure you make it through

Take my hand and walk inside

Where we can see him one last time

He was your father, you knew him best

Now his soul has gone to rest

Last thing I ever heard him say

Was not to worry about him that day.

Now he's lifeless laying there

In the casket, my despair

Something's missing, something's gone

He looks so final, looks so wrong

Mommy dearest look away

When they place him in the grave

I can cry the tears for YOU

If you'll help me make it too

Now he's gone, a lifeless shell

He's sitting in heaven, not in hell

What used to be that sweet old man

Is now as lifeless as the sand

Pale as death, and death does grip

The icy ends of his fingertips

He's laying there and all I see

Is the empty shell of what used to be...

Mommy dearest don't you cry

Mommy dearest don't you sigh

Mommy dearest walk with me

Free yourself from misery.

"A few more steps to heaven's gates"

He climbed the ladder, with good faith

He finally made it, so it ends

But as for HIM, the story begin's

No more tears, he will ever cry

No more cancer, after he died

He's forgiven of all sin

And I'm SURE he can walk again

Mommy dearest please don't cry

He can see us anytime

He may be gone, from this old earth

But he's been given another birth

Another chance at life so cruel

Only without the sea of fools

Mommy dearest, he's no longer weak

He's sitting in heaven as we speak.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Well... I... am crying.  That's all.

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