To whom it may concern...

To whom it may concern:

Many years ago, my son was brutally murdered.  Since that day, I have mourned his death.  I have thought about it every passing minute since then, and I have come to tell you a little about it.  There is a lesson to be learned.

My son prayed with me one night because he felt that the burdens of life were too great for him.  He said he also feared that he might be unjustly accused of doing something that he had no part in.  He felt he might be killed the next day.

The VERY NEXT DAY, he was taken by his peers.  He was betrayed, and then slaughtered.  He died an agonizing death, left hanging for dead.  Before he died, he asked me to do him one last favor:  I said what’s that?  He said, dad, PLEASE FORGIVE THESE MEN.  They don’t know what the hell they are doing, and I feel they need another chance.  Please, forgive my murderers; they don’t know what they just did.  I said, SON, WHY ON EARTH DO YOU WANT ME TO FORGIVE SUCH SCUMDOGS, WHY SHOULD I FORGIVE THESE FOOLS WHO TOOK YOUR LIFE IN THE NAME OF HATE?  DID THEY GIVE YOU ANOTHER CHANCE?  DO THEY DESERVE ONE? WHY SHOULD I FORGIVE THEM?

He said because they don’t know what they do.  He said because I will give my life so others are forgiven for the wrong in what they do.  I said, all right, son, I’ll forgive them, even though they don’t deserve it the least bit.  I’ll forgive them for YOU, because you want me to.

When on trial, the men stood accused of murdering my son.  I could have killed them then and there.  I could have torn them to shreds, but I didn't, because I remembered my son.  He made me promise, as he bled to death, that I wouldn't harm the killers, and that they might be forgiven.  I was asked if I would like to request the death penalty.  I said, bitterly, NO.  I asked the court to do one thing:  if these men convicted would swear that they request forgiveness for killing my son, I would forgive them.  Otherwise, I request the death penalty.  Some of them, blinded by ridicule, refused.  They will soon die.  Some of them accepted, and I forgive them, and I set them free.

I forgave them.  The years have passed, the murderers gone free.  I forgave them.  The years have passed, they have stolen.  I have forgiven them.  The years have passed, they have cheated.  I have STILL forgiven them.  They have cursed their brothers, adultered, gambled, and yet I still forgive them.  If it weren't for my son's solomn request, I would not have granted them simple forgiveness.  They KILLED my only son, and I forgave them.


God, father of Jesus Christ

P.S. My son is sitting beside me now.  He want's me to tell you that your STILL forgiven for murdering him.

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